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[sticky post] (〓 ̄(∵エ∵) ̄〓)

Programmer | Cosplayer | Artist | Fangirl

Greetings earthlings and welcome to my publicprivate journal!
This is not a blog... rather, this journal contains stuffs going on about my personal life and interests.
My posts consists mainly of stuffs from anime, manga, cosplays, some arts and shits from my personal life.
I fangirl a lot and some people tend to find it annoying but I'm not the type to shove all my beliefs down your throats so feel free to poke me. I won't bite. :D

Feel free to talk to me anytime.
Okay this is waaay late and I've been either too lazy or too busy over the past months and thus the stagnant journal. Heck, even the rest of my social media accounts and tumblr blogs have been really slow lately(except facebook. I rant and gush all the time there).

But i'm stll here, lurking and not going anywhere anytime soon so yaaaay journal update! XD

So far, I've only cosplayed two characters in 2014, other one being Lisette from Ludwig Kakumei
Not much to others but considering that I'm still basically a baby in this field, plus I'd usually cosplay only once every year so I'd say it's a good start :D

Haikyuu!! Feels! /* A*)/~

drama + photostacksCollapse )

Arcade mode because yeh :3
some more rant because i'm a piece o' shitCollapse )

(Late Post) ICCON Cosu Debut Banzai!

This is very late but still posting anyways because I really need to archive this amazing experience...
(warning: image-heavy long post yeh~)

ICCON 2014!!! (屮゜Д゜)屮
ICCON is an annual local comic convention here in Iloilo (thus, Iloilo Comic Convention). This year it lasted for two days and I had to file a leave from work(the event started on Friday) just so I could attend both days. I'm a hardcoar fan mhen

Day 1:
It was suppose to be candid I swear!Collapse )

Day 2:

My Ludwig Kakumei's Lisette Cosplay Debut!
My costume wasn't really heavy but damn look at it...I'm practically absorbing all the heat and sunlight |||oTL
I made new friends! Yay!~Collapse )

Even though I was practically melting from the intense heat and almost fainting from dehydration, I still had fun meeting/seeing some old friends, new-found friends, online-"didn't-know-you-just-live-around-here-in-the-city"-friends, wish-you-were-my-friend-but-I'm-too-awkward-to-talk-to-you people and please-notice-me-senpai cosplayers. (ノ*゜▽゜*)

After being cooped up for too long within the adult environment, feels nice being back in my element once again. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
creditsCollapse )


Finally...a not-so potato-ey weekend WAT

Whelp. Last weekend has been quite eventful...

Spent the entire Saturday with a buncha friends for some RnR(Rest and Recreation)
:::Achievement Unlocked:::Collapse )

Then the next day....my roommate and I also planned to stroll around malls to buy some much needed groceries and there was this book i wanna check out at the book store...
my fangirl senses are tinglingCollapse )


Another Random Weekend Shenanigans

PRESENTS!!!!! (屮゜Д゜)屮
all my gratitude to these awesome tomodachisCollapse )

Thank you so much! (~ > 3<)~ You guys are awesome.
I was supposed to post this weeks ago but it's been pretty hectic and I've been lazy "oTL
Anyways, this was a little weekend getaway with the office mates at the Goducate Training Center, San Miguel Iloilo last March 22-23, 2014.

Ah yes....nature <3
nothing beats the relaxation brought by nature <3Collapse )

Feels nice to get in touch with nature after being so cooped up in the busy & dusty city life <3


Weekend Update; Noot! Noot!

EXTRA FREEBIES!!! \(^▽^@)ノ

So I was on my way out for my usual Saturday activity sched. when I accidentally met my college classmate/friend along the street who just arrived from a teacher's conference in Manila (she's now a college instructor :D ). I was just joking when I said I want a pasalubong(some sort of present from a trip) but she started fumbling around her bag and give me a mini kunai. >.< Hohoo~ more charms for my keychain!

And then things just got better because my work colleague(also my mentor back when I was still training for the job), who knows I cosplay every now and then, gave me those two large rolls of rubber sheets(perfect for making cosu-props) + a roll of...that black one(I forgot what it was called "oTL). He was suppose to make an armor out of it but he's always very busy and couldn't find the time so he gave it all to me....like woah....it's a lot *flails*.

Oh my gush....you guys...thank you so much >.< It really means a lot.


My depression and anxiety attack is kicking again...
It's not as grave as to the point that I need to seek some help but it still leaves a bad aftertaste to my heart and mind and I feel so stressed out.

Right now I just want to withdraw away from people and crawl under a rock until this feeling ebbs away...but unfortunately I have a job and bills to pay :(
I can't even concentrate in my work earlier in the office

Good thing tho it's a non-working holiday tomorrow + my roommate is away for some reunion (which i was invited as well but i have some budgeting priorities) for the night.

Hopefully I get back all my bearings before she comes back *sighs heavily*

PS: Hopefully I'll be putting up some happy updates soon. I've been really busy with work + a non-work-related website project + cosplay preparations...I'm even having a hard time catching up to animes "oTL
Good thing it keeps me occupied because I over-think so much


So much for constant updates "oTL

I've been meaning to post these several weeks ago but whelp...the motivation that I summoned arrived a little bit late tehee~ :P

Last January 26, 2014 my friend and I decided to celebrate Dinagyang Festival(Iloilo City) since we're already here anyway.

It's also my first time actually witnessing the event(I've only seen it most of the time on TVs) even though I've been in Iloilo for more than five years already. I was too lazy to leave the comforts of the school dorm back in college... plus I have to travel for more than an hour because the uni is located in the mountains. Talk about haggard and stress (=_=)

Sorry for my poor-ass quality photos...it's the best my phone can do *creys*Collapse )Shits just got real thoCollapse )

It was an awesome experience....despite the jam-packed sweaty bodies and scorching heat and endless walks around the street :D

First post of the year :P

So..................*inhales deeply*
Akemashite Omedetou minna!!!~ (≧∇≦)/

I don't usually bother much with New Year's resolution because every day is a great opportunity to improve one's self :P
But I'll try to be more motivated in everything this year....especially in work and in doing art.
+ update this journal more :D

Speaking of work....Collapse )